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My name is Basil Wright and I am a writer, cultural consultant, and translator. I’m available for work for 2022!

My work has appeared in Fae, Fi, Fo Fum, Hard to be the Bard, Comets & Cockpits, Perhappened Magazine’s HEATWAVE issue, National Translation Month’s Spotlight on Translators of Color, and as part of Disability Madison’s Black and Disabled Virtual Showcase.

Interested in me? Visit my About Me section! Want to check out my wonderfully weird writings? View my Writer’s Portfolio!


I have a BA & MA in Classical Civilizations, with a focus on Athenian Vase Painting. My translation work maintains coherency while also capturing the nuance of the original text. I’m also skilled in converting works into a particular tone, such as with The Afrodyssey. I have provided sensitivity and cultural consultations for multiple tabletop role-playing games (TTRPGs), such as 10 Foolish Foes, Necrobiotic, and Ace Adventure and the Flying Royal Flush.

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